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Feature One

Half of the battle of calculating sales commissions is collecting accurate source data from across the enterprise. With data connectors to Salesforce, SQL, CSV and planned integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive, we can ingest data from virtually any source and refresh it automatically, on any schedule you choose. This means that sales commissions are always as accurate and up-to-date as your data.

Feature Two

For companies that use Salesforce, Compgun allow sellers to view and manage sales commissions in a native tab.

Rather than ask your team to sign up for a new service and remember yet another password, we provide all relevant sales incentive data right in the tool that your team uses most frequently.

Feature Three

Other sales commissions tools are complicated and difficult to use.

At Compgun, we believe that any competent analyst should be able to run commissions. That's why we've built our system with an Excel-like syntax that will be familiar to anyone who knows their way around a spreadsheet. Don't waste your time learning a new tool - just use the one you already know!

Feature Four

If you're currently managing sales comp with Excel and email, you know just how difficult it can be to keep track of commission calculations, adjustments, and data. Even with a shared inbox and a well-organized team, it's nearly impossible to stay on top of any process.

Compgun solves this problem by centralizing all records, communication, and adjustment history in one place. Whenever you publish a commission statement or make an adjustment, you'll have a detailed record of all changes.

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