Xactly vs. Compgun | Sales Commission Software

If you’re operating a sales team, commissions are the single biggest business expense you manage. Assuming you’ve made the (very smart) decision to move that process out of Excel and email and into an enterprise-grade system, you have a few options including Obero SPM, Xactly, and Compgun. In this post, I’ll focus on some of the important differences between Compgun and Xactly.

Xactly was founded in March, 2005 making it just over a decade old at the time of this writing. The company offers two incentive compensation management tools: Incent and Express. Depending on how complex your plan is, Incent can take several months and six figures to implement. Once you’re done with implementation, you’ll be asked to sign a one to three-year contract.

If you’re looking for a simpler, faster way to get set up on a sales incentive management system, Compgun is the best option. Assuming you are used to calculating sales comp in Excel, it will take you little time to get up and running. We find that most users are able to set up their plans and generate their first batch of statements in under a day.

To be specific, these are the main reasons why I wouldn't use Xactly:

  • multi-week, several thousand dollar set up
  • 800+ page user manual
  • requires additional fees to overhaul commission plans

...and why I would strongly recommend Compgun:

  • free to set up
  • easy to understand (mimics Excel)
  • pain-free reconfiguration of plans on the fly

That isn’t to say that Callidus, Obero, or Xactly wouldn’t be a good option for you. If you work at an extremely large enterprise where commission plans very rarely or never change, one of these vendors may be a good bet.

If you're in the (rather large) group of sales commission managers that would prefer a simpler, more flexible solution, we have a have a special offer for you: If you have an existing contract with Xactly we'll give you your first month free and offer 30% off our service for any month in which our contract overlaps with Xactly. It doesn't get much better than that!