How One Company Transformed its Sales Org

Brandon is a sales expert, a certified Salesforce Admin and developer, and speaker at Dreamforce. When Brandon joined Shopkeep administering sales compensation, he rapidly discovered that the company needed something other than Excel to keep track of commissions. After doing his research, he chose Compgun, which gave him the insight, support and agility he needed to take control of sales comp with confidence.

In this video Brandon's testimonial is entirely unscripted. We asked him if he'd be happy to provide a testimonial, and he agreed. We commissioned a video team in New York, and here's the result. Take a second to think about the transformation you could bring about in your sales org if you had the clarity of a system like Compgun at your disposal.

Brandon's expertise combined with the versatility of Compgun allowed him to make informed decisions about comp structure to motivate the team, save time, and run the sales org like the transparent, finely-tuned, highly-efficient sales machine that it should be. He's now the Director of Sales Analytics at Shopkeep.

Compgun's sales commission software is built for companies with sales teams ranging from 2 - 500++. Compensation administrators are empowered to incorporate any spreadsheet logic, without the manual, error-prone overhead. Compgun's plan-builder allows administrators to rapidly iterate and optimize sales plans without requiring teams of analysts or external professional services. Our solution provides real-time dashboards describing sales team's performance. For all organisations, we provide complete historical tracking, auditability and accountability for all payouts. Brandon and his team at Shopkeep is but one of our customers that we're proud to serve. We'd love for you to be next.

17 tabs with pivot tables got your head spinning?


I'm Jake. I built and scaled out LivingSocial's sales team (back when it had 30 employees) that wrought its meteoric rise to 3,000 employees globally and $800m in revenues in 2014. I did the same at AdRoll in 2014 taking the firm from a healthy 60 sellers in one country to over 200 in four countries in 2015. I live and breathe sales comp and know just how powerful that lever is. My team and I built Compgun because I know much agility anyone in my role would gain with a fast, simple, versatile tool to manage the front line of the company.