A different approach to Sales Commissions

A difficult problem

Every sales commission plan is different. Since sales teams drive the growth of a company, the commissions structure of a company's sales team should be tightly aligned with the strategic and tactical directions in which a company wants to move. It's therefore of paramount importance that your commissions structure be adaptable in the same span of time as your company's immediate growth objective.

Different sales commissions management products achieve this in different ways. The larger Enterprise providers (Callidus, Xactly etc.) provide an infinite array of widgets and wizards to allow commissions admins to assemble their plans like pieces of origami. Smaller, boutique consulting forms office bespoke software for specialized plans. These approaches can work well if your company doesn't need to be flexible with its commissions structure, but can be very costly if it does; imagine unfolding and gluing pieces of origami to make something afresh.

A different approach

Compgun's approach is fundamentally different. Using a much simpler interface, company's can upload their sales reps and commission data, and create a series of simple line items to build their own plans. Line items are just old-fashioned Excel formulas that you can use to build incredibly complicated commissions plans, including true-ups, accelerators, and anything else you can imagine. If you can build it in Excel, you can build it in Compgun, in substantially less time.

The beauty of this approach is that any competent business analyst can understand and master Compgun in a very short time. We let you do what you do best: design and build the commissions structure your company needs with minimal hassle. And we do what we do best: maintain a historical log of all your commissions, communicate your commissions to your reps (on a schedule you decide on), empower you to take fine-grained control of your comp plans, and sprinkle our interface with all the flourishes we can think of to make your job easier.

Unlike most Enterprise firms, we're confident enough in our product to know that once you use it, you'll love it, so we don't lock you into a multi-year contract and require you to resort to extortionate professional services. If you like the sound of that, request a demo at compgun.com.