Feature Highlight: Multiple Browsers in Xactly vs Compgun

When evaluating different software products sales commission admins frequently have specific use cases in mind. For example, Xactly users often wish to have the application open in many different browser windows at a time. One Xactly user, xactlykulik, describes the process of using multiple browsers in one of our competitors.

Using multiple browser windows while working in Incent is a great way to maximize efficiency, however make sure not to run multiple sessions within one browser. For example, if you have Incent open in Chrome, do not open another tab in Chrome and to start a new session of Incent. Doing so may cause data integrity issues as your browser could treat these multiple sessions as one session and overlap some of the information. If you would like to run multiple sessions, they need to be in different browsers. You can have up to three different sessions, one for each supported browser...

By contrast, Compgun is designed to run in as many browser windows or tabs as our users require, and can even be run on multiple different computers logged into the same account at the same time. Users receive real-time notifications whenever any of their data is changed or updated, so manual refreshes are never necessary. We've worked hard to make sure all of your browsers/tabs are automatically kept in Sync in the background, so navigating from one page to another is instantaneous.

The productivity boost from being able to maintain your standard workflow instead of adopting special browsing habits, maintaining multiple sets of bookmarks for different browsers, and having to worry about accidentally performing the wrong action in the wrong browser are substantial.

Compgun offers free configuration and trial for our customers, so if you'd like to know first-hand just how much Compgun can improve your Comp-Management workflow, request a demo at compgun.com.